MicroAI is the Backbone of Automotive Cyber-Security
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The automotive industry is poised for significant transformation. As new vehicles are being redesigned, the need for enhanced cyber-security for vehicles, drivers, and factories has reached a critical state. MicroAI™ offers a unique suite of Edge-native AI solutions to meeting these new challenges.

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The Automotive Connectivity Paradox

Today’s vehicles are equipped with IoT-enabled devices and complex telematics networks that provide live tracking, remote start and stop, remote access, temperature control, and autonomous driving. These new connected capabilities are revolutionizing the driver experience. They have also significantly increased the exposure to cyber-attack.



Automotive Cyber Threats

Cyber-criminals can now launch an attack from the internet to compromise vehicle performance, reliability, and safety. In addition, malicious actors are increasingly targeting the automotive industry for ransomware attack. Threats include:

Zero-Day Attacks

A Zero-day attack is a cyber intrusion that remains hidden until date of activation. Attacks can include:

  • Unintended airbag deployment on thousands of vehicles
  • Sudden application of brakes at full speed
  • Unintended vehicle acceleration
  • Compromise of navigation system
  • Hacking of onboard vehicle diagnostics


Malware that infects various elements of connected vehicles. Once infected, the malicious actor demands a “ransom” for the return of access to systems and devices. A manufacturing outage due to malfunction or ransomware attack can cost an automotive OEM up to $28,000 per minute. Other impacts can include:

  • Loss of data and/or device access until ransom is paid
  • Long-term disruption in targeted vehicle operations
  • Repeat ransomware attacks on targets that continue to be vulnerable
  • Increased costs due to disruption-induced warranty and repair claims

Real-World Examples

A vehicle manufacturer recalled 1.4 million vehicles due to a bug that could enable an attack on brakes and transmission.

For half a decade, millions of cars and trucks were vulnerable to a remote exploit capable of everything from tracking vehicles to engaging their brakes at high speed or to disabling them altogether.

A four-year vulnerability created an opportunity for an attacker to conduct a fully remote hack to start or stop the vehicle’s engine.

Consequences for Automotive

The lack of effective cyber-security can have devastating and long-lasting consequences for the automotive OEM.

  • Mass malfunction, accidents & loss of life
  • Ransomware attack and monetary loss
  • Loss of consumer confidence
  • Long-term reduction in sales revenue
  • Extreme damage to brand name
  • Degradation in share value
  • Risk of large-scale lawsuits

Next-Generation Automotive Intelligence

MicroAI is providing the endpoint and edge AI solutions that are the backbone of advanced automotive cyber-security. MicroAI’s technology effectively hardens vehicle security via enablement of a host of next-generation capabilities, including:

Hyper-Effective Threat Detection

  • Prevention of ransomware attacks that can cost millions
  • Prevent the loss of life due to attack on critical components
  • Deployment on a small scale or across entire fleets of vehicles or devices
  • Prevent massive financial costs due to security-induced disruption of services

Deep Observability in a Small Footprint

  • Machine learning technology that operates on meager resources and that can be deployed on the tiniest of TCU
  • Understand typical device characteristics for each automotive device
  • Precise anomaly detection for faster mitigation and breakdown prevention
  • Predictive insights into vehicle status and security risks

Data Cost and Efficiency Management

  • Reduce data transmission cost by 80% by establishing intelligence at the edge and only transferring anomalies to the cloud
  • AI-enabled telematics improves maintenance by providing real-time data related to usage tracking of critical components, performance deviations, time-to-maintenance, and security threats
  • Significant savings worth millions of dollars

The Automotive Impact

MicroAI is providing the multi-faceted technology that will provide the pillars that support next-generation automotive security and performance. Transformative advantages will include:

  • Vehicles that are more secure and more predictable
  • Improved roadway and driver safety
  • Higher levels of consumer confidence
  • Reduced susceptibility to Ransomware attack
  • Ability to offer differentiated automotive security solutions
  • Increased sales volumes and reduced costs
  • Elimination of security-related legal risks