MicroAI - The Leader in Enterprise AI Products and Solutions
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About MicroAI™

MicroAI provides next-generation Edge and Endpoint AI/ML products and solutions that deliver operational value in the areas of machine and network optimization, predictive maintenance, and advanced cyber-security. ​


Industry Problem


Industry Problems to Solve

  • Lack of deep IT and OT asset observability
  • Inefficient asset maintenance routines
  • Over-reliance on cloud infrastructure support
  • Outdates cyber-security tools and protocols

How MicroAI Solves These Problems

  • Embedding intelligent observability at the endpoint or the edge
  • Enabling a transition from preventive to predictive maintenance​
  • Reduction in the amount of data transferred to the cloud​
  • AI-enabled closed-loop cyber security and monitoring for IT and OT infrastructures​

MicroAI Capabilities

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AI/ML Engine

MicroAI Atom™ is an ANSI C based portable AI/ML engine which can train and inference on the endpoints.

Device Health Score

MicroAI Atom™ builds an AI/ML model-based Device Health Score by consuming machine sensor data in real-time.

Localized AI Models

Asset-generated data is ingested and analyzed locally, reducing the dependence on cloud infrastructures.

Security and Monitoring

AI-enabled IT and OT asset protection and closed loop mitigation against Ransomware and other Zero-Day types of cyber-attack.

IoT Ecosystem Compatibility

Intelligence embedded into IoT devices with limited computing power and data storage.

Come work with us

work-with-us We are actively seeking graduates and post graduate professionals early in their careers ready to tackle the spaces of IoT, AIML, and edge technology.


Become a partner

Partnership MicroAI™ enables partners to integrate the power of edge-AI with their unique portfolios to provide added-value to their customers and differentiate their solutions.


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