Digital Factory – Factory performance revolutionized.
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Digital Factory

Digital Factory – Factory performance revolutionized. An AI-enabled plug-and-play solution that delivers predictive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and improved OEE for manufacturers.

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What Is It?

Powered by MicroAI’s core Edge AI technology, MicroAI AtomML+, Digital Factory provides manufacturers with AI-enabled observability and intelligence that power improvements in the performance of an entire factory ecosystem (single or multiple factories). Digital Factory establishes a single point of reference, promotes deep federated learning, and supports accountability for factories on a global scale. Intelligent, predictive, manufacturing that delivers:

  • Factory Transparency

    Real-time observability into all mission-critical aspects of factory performance and health

  • Predictive Insights

    Provides predictive analytics that mitigate the impact of performance issues and that enable a transition to predictive maintenance

  • Multiple Factory Integration

    Can be integrated into a single factory or scaled across an entire network of factories, creating a network of intelligence

  • Predictive Manufacturing

    Enables the prediction of future asset and process behavior as wel as productively levels of lines and shifts

  • Zero-Trust Cyber-Security

    Provides quicker detection and response to Zero-Day cyber-attacks (detection in minutes vs days)

  • Higher OEE Scores

    Observability, reaction, and control that breaks the 70% OEE performance barrier

MicroAI Digital Intelligent Manufacturing

A Plug and Play Solution to Enable Predictive Manufacturing

Digital Factory Features

The vision of predictive manufacturing has been impeded by the reality that existing AI solutions are not close enough to the manufacturing machines, devices, and processes that they are meant to optimize. MicroAI’s Digital Factory solves the proximity and observability problems by providing:

  • Live Factory Data Acquisition

    Data is leveraged from a variety of IIoT devices and machines. Digital Factory is agnostic to sensor values and types. It creates a multi-variant model that utilizes AI inference analysis to generate a wide range of predictive analytics.

  • Local Analysis

    Machine, line, and shift performance data is synthesized and analyzed locally—in real time. Sensitive data is also stored locally, minimizing the amount of data that is transferred to the cloud. Analytic latency is eliminated, and exposure of data reduced.

  • Behavioral Algorithms

    Digital Factory utilizes multidimensional behavioral algorithms to produce recursive analysis, training, and processing. This enables a continuous evolution of the Edge-native AI model that takes place directly on the endpoint.

  • Visualization Engine

    Presentation of real-time asset performance data via user-friendly, customizable, drag and drop dashboards. Data is customized to meet the specific requirements of various operational and business stakeholders.

  • Automated Alerts

    Deeper, more intimate, insights into factory health and performance that have not been available with traditional AI solutions. Factory optimization is achieved via intelligence instead of assumptions.

  • Rapid Deployment

    A lightweight, small footprint, digital factory platform that can be rapidly deployed and quickly scaled.



Digital Factory provides manufactures with a full suite of next-generation AI-powered capabilities.

  • Holistic Observability

    Non-siloed, at-a-glance, perspective of real-time performance and events across an entire factory or multiple factories.

  • Real-time Health Scores

    Ability to fast-track issue identification and corrective action and to identify recurring problems based on historical data.

  • AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance

    Elimination of downtimes due to unnecessary maintenance activities and/or unforeseen malfunctions.

  • Human Resource Optimization

    AI-enabled intelligent workflows reduce the reliance on human intervention and ensure optimum execution of processes.

  • Advanced Cyber Security

    Machines, devices, processes, and data are protect- ed by embedding and training advanced security algorithms directly into those assets.

Business/Operational Value

Digital Factory revolutionizes manufacturing performance by providing live digital representation of factory data that enables constant optimization of the performance of machines, processes, and people.

  • OEE Improvement:
    Observability and insights that overpower stagnant OEE performance. Manufacturing operations will be able to break the 70% OEE barrier and to realize associated competitive advantages.
  • Increased Output:
    Production planners and schedulers have powerful advantages in their ability to plan and schedule based on machines and processes that are fully transparent and that produce real-time health scores.
  • Higher Quality:
    More rapid detection of performance deviations reduces the impact of sub-par performance. Performance anomalies are quickly detected, communicated, and mitigated. This results in higher quality, reduced rework, higher reliability, enhanced predictability, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Cyber-Security:
    A Zero-Trust cyber state provides superior protection of factories against the escalating threat of Ransomware attack. Predictive vs reactive cyber-security.
  • Reduced Cost:
    Reduced cost associated with machine maintenance, productivity loss, waste, rework, service disruptions, and customer loss. Tighter control of CoGS that produce market-leading bottom lines.

OEE Improvement

Increased Output

Higher Quality

Enhanced Cyber-Security

Reduced Cost


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