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Endpoint Asset Observability

MicroAI brings real-time observability to any type of IT or OT asset…from low-powered IoT devices to high-powered manufacturing and network equipment.

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Why It’s Important

Many critical assets (machines, devices, network equipment, etc.) lack the AI-enabled observability required to produce deep insights into asset performance, health, and security. The lack of deep, asset-centric, AI-enabled observability creates a host of problems within the asset ecosystem:

IT and OT stakeholders need new methodologies that will provide continuous, real-time, closed-loop, observability into the performance and security of their assets.

  • Static Monitoring

    Asset ecosystems are plagued by a host of problems resulting from legacy solutions that watch but that do not actively learn.

  • Sub-Optimal Control

    The lack of deep asset observability inhibits the gathering of insights into the effects of varying environmental conditions and their impacts on asset performance.

  • Slow Fault Detection

    Asset fault detection is delayed, creating trickle-down effects on performance, productivity, and security.

  • Inability to Predict

    The inability to generate timely, accurate, actionable, predictive analytics is a prohibitive limitation in fully optimizing the performance and security of mission-critical assets.

How We Do It

MicroAI is redefining asset observability by moving observation closer to the asset and by providing the intelligence to maximize that observability. Technology that includes:
  • mcu-device


    embedded directly into the MCU/MPU of an asset

  • Continuous model adaption

    and training based on real-time asset conditions

  • Model training

    and inferencing that occurs at the endpoint

  • tunning

    Predictive analytics

    that enable predictive maintenance and health scores

  • Small footprint

    that requires little to no labeled data

  • Simple integration

    into an existing IT and OT ecosystem

What It Delivers

MicroAI’s endpoint asset observability methodology provides breakthrough advantages for any company dependent upon high performance and reliability of IT/OT assets.

  • Real-time fault detection: Detection and mitigation in minutes vs hours.
  • Reduced asset downtime: Reduced downtimes associated with malfunction and unplanned maintenance.
  • Predictive vs reactive asset management. Predictive asset maintenance and lifecycle management.
  • Closed-loop cyber security: Cyber intrusion detection, mitigation, and validation.
  • Higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) scores. Ability to break the 70% OEE barrier.