MicroAI Brings AI and ML Solutions to the Financial Segment
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AI-enabled financial intelligence that transforms volumes of data into profitable insights. MicroAI™ brings a full suite of AI and Machine Learning (ML) solutions to the financial segment. AI and ML that improves cyber-security, provides a better customer experience, and opens new business opportunities.

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Priorities for the Financial Segment

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways in which customers interact with their financial institutions. The pandemic, combined with continued digital transformation, has also created new operational, business, and security challenges within those institutions. Examples include:


  • Risk Management

    Risk assessment and management need to be fully integrated. Institutions must be able to perform real-time, intelligence-based, assessment of risks associated with loans, investments, product offerings, etc.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Reactive fraud detection is not enough. Solutions are needed that enable a shift to effective fraud prevention for the institutions and its customers.

  • Customer Experience

    Digital transactions have replaced personal interactions. Digital transactions need to be slick, reliable, available, fast, and non-intrusive.

  • Process Management

    Intelligent process workflows are needed to automate and streamline heavy, resource-consuming, processes. Workflows that improve accuracy and repeatability.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Too much money is spent on complying with the complex landscape of financial regulations. More holistic solutions are needed for monitoring the institution’s entire infrastructure.

  • Cyber-Security

    Financial institutions and their customers are under constant pressure from cyber-criminals. Hardened, AI/ML-enabled cyber-security is a go-forward imperative.

The Solution

Institutional and Customer Value

MicroAI provides the technology that enables the development of enterprise-grade intelligence for financial institutions and their customers. Greater efficiency and reduced risk for the institution. Enhanced service and experience for the customer. Greater security for both.

  • AI-enabled risk prediction, detection, and avoidance that can save millions of dollars in fraud costs
  • A real-time, non-siloed, 360⁰ perspective of the entire institutional and customer infrastructure that enables improvements in business efficiencies and customer experience
  • AI-enabled intelligent workflows that reduce the reliance on human intervention and ensure optimum execution of financial processes
  • Machine learning algorithms that provide early detection of potential regulatory infractions and that enable quicker mitigation.
  • Zero trust security protocols that provide hardened cyber protection and that shorten detection and reaction times (detection in seconds instead of hours/days).
  • Data from all the above displayed via customizable, interactive, drag-and drop dashboards that are interconnected with the sources of data


AI for Next-Generation Finance

MicroAI’s Edge-native AI platform delivers the core AI engine that drives a host of AI-enabled financial applications. MicroAI Launchpad™ is an enterprise platform for development of end-to-end, AI-enabled, financial management ecosystems. Launchpad provides next-generation capabilities in AI-program application and deployment, workflow automation, data ingestion, and data visualization. Technology that provides:

  • ML-Enabled Risk Assessment

    Personalized machine learning algorithms that provide rapid detection of anomalies in a potential borrower’s spending and credit application patterns.

  • Preventive Fraud Protection

    Customizable intelligence that provides end-point monitoring and analysis of transaction data points to detect fraud-indicative anomalies.

  • AI-Enabled Intelligent Workflows

    Financial workflows that are dynamic, automated, and self-learning. Process automation that eliminates human-introduced error.

  • Customer Experience Management

    Embedded AI that learns and evolves from customer interactions. Improves customer experience while reducing workforce requirements.

  • ML-Enabled Regulatory Compliance

    AI-enabled early detection of AML risk indicators that provide a 360⁰ view of customer behavior. Automated routing of alerts and mitigations.

  • Zero Trust Cyber-Security

    Ecosystem monitoring that includes AI-enabled security and SSL protocols. Protection from cyber-threats using encryption methods that protect against Zero-Day cyber-attack and other malware intrusions.