AI-Enabled Infrastructure Management in a Tiny Footprint
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Around the globe, many infrastructure industries need advanced technologies that will meet evolving infrastructure demands. MicroAI™ has developed next-generation edge and embedded AI solutions that will transform all aspects of infrastructure performance.

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A Breakthrough AI/ML Platform for the Infrastructure Segment

MicroAI™, with its breakthrough AtomML™ technology, is positioned to address many of the critical digital transformation challenges faced by today’s infrastructure companies. AtomML is micro machine learning technology that operates on meager resources and can be deployed on the smallest MCU or the most powerful computing hardware. AtomML provides next-generation capabilities across all aspects of the infrastructure ecosystem, including:

  • Cyber-Security
  • Asset Observability
  • Forecasting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cost Reductions


Infrastructure Industry is Poised for a Major Transformation

The primary infrastructure industries include transportation, energy, water management, communications, and waste management. Infrastructure is managed by private-public partnerships and is ripe for transformation. With technological advancements in computer vision, connected devices, and 5G bandwidths, the infrastructure industry is poised for a massive revitalization.

The most critical capabilities to support infrastructure transformation will include:

Cyber-attacks are rising by 300% yearly, and ransomware attacks are increasing to $5B annually. The ability to embed AI-enabled cyber security algorithms into edge devices will be a foundational pillar for next-generation infrastructure operators. MicroAI provides an unprecedented solution for Infrastructure security. Advantages include:

  • Broad Threat Detection

    MicroAI’s ML-enabled security algorithms detect and protect against a broad spectrum of cyber-attacks, including Zero-Day, Ransomware, DDoS, and more.

  • Consistent Monitoring

    Unlike other solutions, MicroAI does not rely on constant connectivity to function. Connectivity issues do not impact cyber-security monitoring.

  • Faster Threat Detection

    MicroAI can detect security threats and intrusions up to 300x faster than traditional security solutions. Legacy solutions can take weeks to detect an attack. MicroAI provides notification in minutes.


MicroAI is A key technology to enable infrastructure modernization

MicroAI provides an Edge-native AI solution for integration of smart devices, performance optimization, and cost reduction. Tangible advantages include:

  • Flexible/Scalable Machine Learning

    Unique architecture that enables execution of proprietary ML algorithms across a wide range of smart assets (data centers, containers, switches, routers, low-powered edge devices, visualization tools, etc.).

  • Centralized End-to-End Solution

    Uniform technology that powers the entire technology stack, resulting in faster time to market and a more powerful competitive position.

MicroAI provides industry-leading Edge-native AI solutions that provide next-level data transmission and cost management benefits.

  • Higher Efficiency

    MicroAI significantly improves data transmission efficiency by removing the need for labeled data and by providing training at the device level instead of in the cloud.

  • Broad Device Support

    A broad range of support for RTOS, Android, and iOS devices as well as devices with no operating system.

  • Endpoint Capability

    MicroAI can be embedded into low-powered, low memory devices at the endpoint (i.e., Cortex M-class MCUs).

  • Lower Data Costs

    By collecting and processing data at the point of origin and eliminating the need for cloud processing and storage, MicroAI reduces data costs by 70 to 80%.

MicroAI has the unique ability to provide real-time performance observability into an individual machine or into large groups of assets within the typical infrastructure ecosystem. Deep observability that provides:

  • Centralized Data Management

    Data produced by groups of assets is managed from a centralized location. This improves the speed and reliability of data insights and actionable alerts.

  • More In-Depth Health Scores

    Depending on configuration, MicroAI can either generate health scores for each individual asset, or a single health score for the entire infrastructure ecosystem.

  • Light and Flexible

    MicroAI is an agentless-based platform that requires no external software processes and is less reliant on development of customized application code. AtomML+ can be deployed in a wide range asset environments.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Operational excellence requires not only knowledge of what is happening now, but insights into potential future developments. MicroAI provides the deep learning that is required for true predictive analytics and insights. Moving from reactive to predictive asset management.

The Solution

Overall Operational and Business Value for Infrastructure

MicroAI offers a suite of Edge-native AI products and solutions that will power a true paradigm shift in operational and business performance for companies in the infrastructure segment. New levels of operational excellence that will include:

  • Best-in-class, Edge-based, cyber-security

    Enhanced cyber-security that can prevent the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of data, revenue, and reputation.

  • Smart Device Integration

    Rapid integration of ML-enabled smart devices to accelerate advancement of Industry 4.0 initiatives.

  • Reduction in Data Transmission and Storage Costs

    Reducing overall data costs by 70 to 80% via analyzing and storing critical asset data locally instead of in the cloud.

  • Asset Performance Optimization

    Performance observability that delivers improved OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), reduced maintenance costs, faster ROI, and increased lifespans. Improvements that amount to millions of dollars in operating cost reduction.