Cyber Security Next-Generation Cyber Protection
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Security and Monitoring

The cyber-security landscape is changing….daily. Rapid detection and mitigation of a cyber-attack can mean the difference between a minor disruption or an operational catastrophe. Threat Detection in minutes instead of days.

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What Is It?

Next-Generation Cyber Protection. Yesterday’s cyber-security is not effective against today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminal. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, driven by malicious actors with a fully weaponized arsenal of tools and methodologies. MicroAI Cyber-Security takes endpoint security to the next level of effectivity by combining several AI-enabled security elements into a single, localized, cost-effective solution. Advanced protection that overcomes the following challenges:

  • Overwhelming Volume

    Global cyber-attacks are increasing at a rate of ~ 300% year over year. The sheer volume of attacks overwhelms the personnel and existing tools responsible for cyber protection.

  • Device Power/Memory Limitations

    Many IT and OT edge devices operate on low power and limited memory. These devices are less adaptable to traditional security measures and more vulnerable to attack.

  • Inconsistent Connectivity

    Many IT and OT asset ecosystems contain devices and machines that have inconsistent connectivity. Connectivity disruptions increase the risk of cyber intrusion.

  • Inability to Predict Threats

    Most legacy security tools are purely reactive. Asset stakeholders have no ability to predict potential cyber threats or to take preventive action.

  • Crippling Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware attacks can result in the temporary or permanent loss of sensitive data. Depending on the scope of the attack, a single asset, an entire factory, or a chain of interconnected factories can be disabled.

  • High Cost of Data Processing

    Heavy reliance on cloud-based data processing adds significant cost to security programs. Configuration costs can also be prohibitive.

Security and Monitoring for Telecom Ecosystems

MicroAI’s Security and Monitoring platform brings AI-enabled closed-loop cyber protection to telecom operators, service providers, and OEMs.

MicroAI Cyber Security Features

Security for Today’s IT and OT Infrastructures

  • Machine and Device Centric

    Cyber Security is embedded at the MCU or MPU of a device or machine – Zero-Day protection at the extreme edge

  • Predictive Algorithms

    Predictive AI and ML algorithms that live, train, and learn directly on the targeted asset – predict instead of reacting

  • Local Monitoring and Data Processing

    Processing critical data at the endpoint eliminates security risks associated with cloud processing – more secure and more cost effective

  • Faster Alerts and Mitigation

    Endpoint security that enables quicker detection and reaction to Zero-Day infections – staying one step ahead of hackers

  • Rapid Onboarding

    Quick implementation that requires no data configuration or costly integration


MicroAI takes endpoint security to the next level of effectivity by combining all AI-enabled security elements into a single, localized, platform. This eliminates the problem of having to combine disparate cyber-security elements to produce a functioning system. MicroAI Cyber Security provides a more holistic approach to endpoint security enablement. Distinct advantages of this approach include:

  • Reduced Cloud Dependence

    Endpoint and Edge security allows all critical data to be collected, synthesized, and analyzed locally. Critical data is not exposed to cloud transmission and storage, significantly reducing its exposure to cyber-attack.

  • Personalized Security

    Ability to customize security protocols on an asset-by-asset level to accommodate specific conditions for individual assets or groups of assets.

  • Quicker Alerts and Mitigation

    Localized, asset-specific, security that provides quicker notification of security breach and faster activation of mitigation actions.

  • Predictive Security

    Predictive analytics produce actionable insights into future threats. Enables a transition from reactive to predictive security.

  • Simple Integration

    Quickly onboard and validate security protocols into assets within the IT and OT ecosystem. Eliminates the need for expensive external hardware and costly data labeling.

  • Live Data Ingestion

    Seamless and secure ingestion of data from a wide variety of IT and OT devices and machines (sensors, robots, field assets, network equipment, etc.).

  • Real-time Visualization

    A centralized visualization engine that provides continuous visualization into the security status of connected devices and machines.

  • Intelligent Workflows

    The embedding and training of intelligent workflows that automate the process of security alert notifications and implementation of rapid threat mitigations.

Business/Operational Value

MicroAI Security™ provides machine and device intensive operations with a breakthrough approach to AI-enabled security. Companies within the manufacturing, telecom, energy, automotive, and semiconductor sectors will be able to provide more robust security for their mission-critical assets. Value that includes:

  • Zero Trust cyber-security that protects against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks (Zero-Day, Ransomware, DDoS, etc.)
  • AI-enabled evolution from a reactive to a predictive cyber-security state
  • Reduced risk of negative financial impacts resulting from data theft and/or operational disruptions
  • Low implementation cost and reduced management burden
  • Dynamic security that evolves with the changing threat landscape (protection for today and tomorrow)
Operational Benefits


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