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Zero-Trust Network Security

Security monitoring and threat mitigation for telecom networks

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Why It’s Important

MVNOs, CSPs, and device OEMs are currently hampered by legacy security applications that do not provide the AI-enabled cyber-status visualization required to provide real-time or proactive protection of networks, devices, and customers from an increasingly insidious array of threats. A sampling of current challenges would include:

  • cyber-threat

    Escalating threat volume

    Telecom ecosystems are exposed to an ever-increasing volume of cyber intrusions. Conservative estimates are that that attacks are increasing at annual rates of 60 – 70%.

  • IoT device proliferation

    The ubiquitous nature of the smart device has not come without risk. Recent studies have shown that the average IoT ecosystem can be probed for weakness several thousand times per week.

  • Large digital threat surfaces

    As threat surfaces continue to expand it becomes increasingly difficult to provide consistent levels of security and monitoring across the entire threat landscape.

  • Lack of predictive insights

    Network asset stakeholders have no ability to predict potential cyber threats or to take preventive action.

How We Do It

The attainment of a Zero Trust security state for telecom infrastructures requires new cyber security methodologies that bridge existing visibility gaps while reducing cyber cost burdens. MicroAI provides a closed-loop security ecosystem that enables transition to a Zero-Trust security state.

  • Deep, automated, threat monitoring

    provides rapid synthesis of large volumes of network data. AI-enabled regression analysis closes existing gaps in threat assessment accuracy and provides continuous insights into current and future threats.

  • Intelligent security workflows

    ensure that the right data, goes to the right recipient, at the right time. The generation of data-induced notifications and alerts are fully automated and tightly controlled.

  • Predictive threat mitigation

    via endpoint and edge AL/ML algorithms that provide the active learning, scenario analysis, and virtual triage needed to accurately predict the most effective reactions to potential network cyber intrusions.

  • Live cyber-health scores

    supported by MicroAI’s analytics, workflows, and visualization technologies provides a comprehensive, self-contained, engine for at-a-glance visualization of cyber status across the interconnected landscape.

What It Delivers

Supported by lightweight AI-enabled analytics, workflows, and visualization technologies, MicroAI provides a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to enable a Zero-Trust security state. Network security that delivers:

  • Improved cyber-visibility into the entire telecom ecosystem of networks, hardware, devices, and users
  • AI-enabled evolution from reactive to predictive security
  • Less reliance on problematic integrations
  • Hardened cyber-security at reduced cost
  • Reduced cyber-induced financial loss and risk
  • Quick ROI