New Data Modeling Platform Maximizes the Power of Data
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation companies have been trying to break the 70% OEE barrier. Predictive Manufacturing paves the way to OEE scores of 85%.
Predictive Manufacturing
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AI and Data Sets – Maximizing the Power of Data

Data Sets

AI and Data Sets – Maximizing the Power of Data

The data produced by today’s manufacturing, telecom, and industrial operations is indeed “Big”! Depending on how that data is structured, visualized, and utilized it can create operational chaos or competitive advantage. Data equates to power, but only when fully leveraged.

Artificial Intelligence will transform the data science landscape by providing data scientists the means to fully harness the power of their data using tools that are faster, more powerful, more intuitive, and more visual.


AI and Data Sets – New Data Modeling Tools Needed

Using AI to analyze the data produced by machines, networks, and processes is no longer a novel approach. AI is now being applied across a wide range of industries and verticals. What is changing is the tools being used to evaluate the potential impact of AI on the performance of those machines, networks, and processes.

Traditional data modeling platforms have tended to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and resource intensive. The onboarding of new AI-enabled products and solutions are often delayed or cancelled due to those modeling limitations. New data modeling solutions will help eliminate those limitations.


Data Modeling – A More Powerful Platform for Data Scientists


MicroAI’s AIStudio is a paradigm shift for data modeling platforms. By bringing significant enhancements to the data modeling process, data scientists and developers will be better equipped to explore the benefits of AI on their IT and OT assets by utilizing the actual data produced by those assets. Those data modeling enhancements and benefits include:

  • Simple Sign-up and Immediate Access: No complex sign-up or approval process required. After quick sign-up, immediate access to AIStudio and its supporting documentation is granted.
  • User Data Centric: Data scientists can quickly import their own asset data into AIStudio. No more having to use generic data that provides little real-world value.
  • Simple Data Ingestion: A simple data ingestion process ensures import accuracy and eliminates the errors associated with legacy data modeling platforms.
  • Live Feature Engineering: AI model optimization via live tuning and dynamic feature engineering capability that does not require heavy programming knowledge.
  • Live Data Visualization: Live feed of asset data allows users to quickly assess the impact of their AI-model changes. This eliminates restrictions related to time-lags or other latency-related issues.
  • Faster Time-to-Benefit: By making the modeling process easier, faster, less burdensome, and more flexible, AIStudio shortens the amount of time required to evaluate, embed, and validate the performance of an AI solution.
  • More Cost and Resource Effective: AIStudio reduces costs and provides a rapid ROI by…
    • Reducing the amount of client expertise required during the modeling process
    • Eliminating costs associated with extraneous code development
    • Significantly reducing the data modeling cycle time
    • Fine-tuning AI models for optimum impact
    • Powering client use cases that improve the performance, security, and longevity of critical assets.


Facilitating AI-Enabled IT and OT Use Cases

By providing a more efficient and effective data modeling solution, AIStudio will help operations unlock the potential of AI and machine learning on their mission-critical assets. A host of potential AI-enabled use cases can now be developed and fine-tuned prior to deployment. Just a few examples would include:

  • Predictive maintenance for machines, devices, and network equipment.
  • OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) improvement and predictability.
  • Hardened cyber-security via AI-enabled anomaly detection and mitigation.
  • Improved NQoS (network quality of service) for mobile and fixed wireless telecom customers.
  • Predictive manufacturing that predicts future trends across an entire factory floor.


AIStudio provides data scientists and developers with a next-generation data modeling platform that delivers unparalleled power, speed, and agility. AI-enabled data modeling in hours vs weeks.

See AIStudio in action and explore what it can do for your operation.