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Closed-Loop Fault Mitigation

Closed-loop IT and OT asset monitoring that goes well beyond fault detection.

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Why It’s Important

Existing IT and OT asset monitoring solutions are limited to fault detection and notification. Other critical routines (impact assessment, root-cause analysis, and corrective action identification) require triage and action(s) that occur external to the asset management solution. Existing shortcomings of these open-ended solutions include:

  • Ecosystem observability

    Delayed impact assessment

    Lack of insights required to quickly determine the overall impact (breadth and depth) of an asset malfunction results in ineffective reaction.

  • Faulty root cause identification

    Misidentification of root cause results in delayed fixes, excessive downtimes, and costly consumption of resources.

  • Ineffective corrective actions

    Lack of AI-enabled analysis of historical data and the inability to run trial fix simulations inhibits the ability to rapidly identify and implement the required corrective action.

How We Do It

MicroAI closes the loop by bringing lightweight edge and endpoint AI technologies to the entire asset monitoring ecosystem. In addition to fault detection and notification, MicroAI closes the fault detection loop by providing AI-enabled capabilities to the areas of:

  • Impact assessment

    that provides intelligence-based analytics on probable fault impact on asset (machine, network, etc.) performance as well as predictive overall impact to operations and customers.

  • Live root-cause assessment

    via automated, AI-enabled, analysis of recent asset performance, historical fault analytics, and rapid execution of fault simulation models.

  • Accurate corrective action identification and execution

    via simulation of various corrective measure to predict the most effective course of action and intelligent workflows that automate implementation.

What It Delivers

MicroAI’s closed-loop fault mitigation provides operations with the means to respond to asset faults more quickly, more accurately, and more cost-effectively.

MicroAI closes the loop by bringing edge and endpoint AI to the entire ecosystem. Benefits include:

  • Real-time impact assessment
  • AI-enabled root-cause analysis
  • Quicker corrective action identification & implementation
  • Reduced cost of failure
  • Less strain on resources
  • Faster time to recovery

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