Smart Network Connectivity -
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Smart Network Connectivity

By moving artificial intelligence and machine learning much closer to the telecom network and its enabled devices, MicroAI provides the foundation for delivery of smarter telecom solutions.

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Why It’s Important

With economic, social, and legislative factors working to provide more level playing fields, telecom companies are now faced with increased pressure to find new pathways to differentiation.

New methodologies are needed that will enable the development of solutions that provide competitive and operational distinction in the areas of:
  • Ecosystem observability

    Ecosystem observability

    Real-time performance observability into an individual asset or into large groups of devices within the telecom network.

  • Aggregation of intelligence

    Provision of intelligence across multiple networks and devices across the telecom ecosystem to create behavioral profiles and real-time health scores.

  • Predictive analytics

    Multivariate analysis across large volumes of input channels to generate predictive analytics related to network performance, hardware maintenance, and customer usage trends.

  • Cloud dependence

    Processing more data at the edge, vs in the cloud, to reduce overall data handling cost and to minimize problems associated with data latency and connectivity.

  • Cyber-Security

    The attainment of a Zero-Trust security state across the entire landscape of hardware, devices, processes, and customers.

How We Do It

MicroAI’s smart network connectivity methodologies are powered by next-generation edge and endpoint AI agents that deliver unparalleled network observability and intelligence. Characteristics that include:
  • intelligence-1

    Endpoint intelligence

    that collects and processes network, asset, and device data directly at the data-source endpoint to create behavioral profiles and real-time health scores.

  • Deep network visibility

    provides real-time performance observability into an individual asset or into large groups of devices within the telecom network.

  • Tailored for low resource devices

    and designed specifically to run on network equipment and devices with limited memory and compute capacity.

  • Predictive analytics

    provides developers, operators, and engineers with the predictive analytics required to fully optimize NQoS performance.

What It Delivers

MicroAI’s smart network connectivity methodologies are providing telecom operators, MVNOs and CSPs with the AI-enabled solutions required to offer products and services that are more robust, more observable, more reliable, more secure, and more profitable. Business and operational advantages that include:

  • Optimized IoT device lifecycle management
  • Quicker recognition and reaction to market opportunities
  • Faster TTM of new products and services
  • Enhanced customer experience and brand stickiness
  • Predictive maintenance for critical hardware
  • Enhanced ecosystem sustainability
  • Quicker cyber threat detection and mitigation