Gen AI Knowledge Management
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Gen AI Knowledge Management

MicroAI’s Intelligent Knowledge Management System (KMS) leverages advanced Gen AI technology to efficiently organize, analyze, and retrieve organizational knowledge, transforming vast data landscapes into accessible insights.

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What Is It?

Intelligent KMS is Gen AI-enabled, self-learning, hyper-secure ecosystem that helps companies capitalize on the power of their organizational knowledge. Intelligent KMS has transformative implications for any industry that produces large volumes of data, and that need advanced capability to optimize the management, availability, and utilization of that data. Companies in the telecom, industrial, and manufacturing industries are prime examples.

MicroAI Digital Intelligent Manufacturing

A Plug and Play Solution to Enable Predictive Manufacturing

Intelligent KMS Capabilities and Benefits

  • Knowledge Retention

    • Tacit knowledge retention despite employee turnover
    • Efficient and cost-effective storage of critical operational data
    • Self-learning algorithms that provide hardened protection of stored information
  • Knowledge Retrieval

    • AI-enabled knowledge search and discovery
    • Rapid access and retrieval of current and historical information
    • Roles and permissions-based access to sensitive data
  • Intelligent Workflows

    • AI-enabled workflows for data collection, analysis, and action
    • Automated decision-making based on perpetual self-learning
    • Reduction in the number of human touchpoints reduces risk for error and improves security
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • Automated mining of unstructured data for hidden insights
    • Provision of customer service that is faster and more precise
    • Ability to conduct sentiment analysis on a large scale
    • More accurate prediction of customer and market trends
  • Predictive Analytics

    • Recursive data analysis to predict upcoming trends and potential problems
    • Proactive vs reactive use of knowledge acquired by the enterprise
    • Extension of visibility horizon for competitive advantage
  • Actionable Insights

    • Data-driven insights to improve performance of...
    • People Processes Networks Factories

Intelligent Gen AI KMS Architecture

Learned Knowledge (AI)
Role Management for Data Protection
Intelligent Process Workflows
Analytics and Insights
Data Ingestion

Learned Knowledge (AI)

Generative AI algorithms efficiently organize, analyze, and retrieve organizational knowledge, transforming large volumes of data into accessible insights.

Role Management for Data Protection

AI-enabled role and access management provides hardened protection of data by controlling its access and dissemination.

Intelligent Process Workflows

Automated workflows ensure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time, without human intervention.

Analytics and Insights

AI enabled analysis of current and historical data to provide predictive business, operational, and customer insights.

Data Ingestion

Flexible ingestion of data that is either structured or unstructured as well as being agnostic to data type (SQL, NoSQL, PDF, Excel…..).

Intelligent Gen AI Architecture (detailed)


Case Studies

KMS for Livestock & Agricultural Sales

Pricing and Market Prediction

Problem Statements

Current problem involves understanding market conditions for sales of livestock and agriculture.

Users face many difficulties managing large areas and the price fluctuation per area.

Desired Solution

Use a KMS to fetch desired information.

Help users make faster and smarter decisions about trades, whether to hold, sell, pricing based on locations, market trends in the area etc.

User Workflow for Livestock Sales KMS

KMS for Telco Network Debugging & Solutioning
Problem Statements

Navigating through an extensive array of documents and resources poses a significant challenge for users seeking to understand complex network services. Despite their efforts, users often require support from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to locate relevant information, decipher interconnections, and interpret data, resulting in prolonged issue resolution times.

Additionally, in the wireless network domain, engineers face difficulty in resolving complex tickets due to the diverse nature of issues and the need to sift through various sources such as documents, previous tickets, and other resources to find solutions efficiently.

Desired Solution

Build a KMS to help their network service staff with efficient network resolutions using data coming from different sources. they need to use 100s of hours and multiple SMEs at the moment to resolve issues. now the Gen AI and KMS will provide multiple solutions and context immediately.

User Workflow for Telco KMS



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