IoT Security Tutorial - MicroAI™
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IoT Security Tutorial – MicroAI™

IoT Security Tutorial
Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are everywhere around us, and without proper security in place, they will be vulnerable to sensitive data leakage. Everyone, from manufacturers to business users to customers, is worried about the risk of cybercriminals hacking into their IoT devices and systems. But what specifically are the most critical issues to consider when IoT devices are being designed, deployed, or running?

Combine the growing rate of attacks with the growing number of devices and you can understand why device managers are more concerned than ever before. Since most IoT devices do not include traditional security controls or the ability to scan for anomalies, they are increasingly at risk for cyber-attack.

Even though cyber-attacks are increasing in scale and scope, AI technologies can help you analyze and manage these increased risks. AI provides the power that allows you to stay one step ahead of these evolving cyber threats. AI offers instant feedback to help you investigate and analyze thousands of everyday alerts, make impactful—real-time–decisions, and respond much faster.

Traditional cybersecurity methodologies cannot effectively scale up to the speed or capability needed to keep up with today’s cybersecurity threats. Dealing with these escalating threats will require new approaches and new technologies. Next-generation defenses will be fuelled by continued advances in AI. AI-fuelled IoT security solutions will pave the way for making IoT ecosystems more secure and more reliable.

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